Small rat question

Rats are cute but not inside the house. They don’t respect house rules. When they bring all their friends and relations and they scratch and scratch at floorboards and skirting boards, you don’t lie there at three, four and five o’clock in the morning thinking how cute they are scrabbling away noisily at your floorboards with their sweet little ratty paws, you lie there thinking STOP THAT CONFOUNDED NOISE AND LET ME GET SOME SLEEP, I’VE HAD ENOUGH AND I’M GOING TO GET RID OF YOU.

@anon78757855’ small rat question:

For a small rat question yours is not setting a good example to readers.

This is my example: “Do rats sit?”

I expect an ingenious reader will come up with a smaller one, but mine was just to make the point.

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…yes, quite right, Peter. I thought it ambiguous too, (was it a small rat, or a small question?). Alas, likely to remain forever erratic, until I ditch my archos 101d neon, and consume a new gizmo with enough space…, on a screen with zero dead spots,… for keyboard and creative output together. Typing ‘blind’ needs correction, almost impossible, with 50% of screen/touch sensitivity, up the spout. Still, miraculous!

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@anon78757855 “Still miraculous”

Bloody genius, say I :nerd_face::+1:

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There are 101 ways to kill a cat/lover/ or indeed a rat. But if they are not causing a problem inside the house or eating your chooky eggs, then leave them alone unless you know what you are doing.

I was recently an expert witness because a farmer “allegedly” thrown rodent bait alond a public footpath?

Knowing where when how and if are all factors. Cross contamination is a real problem.

European mandate says permanent baiting is a thing of the past; monitoring with non toxic bait and only baiting when necessary…So, all of you out there with 3 year old sachets in your loft, remove them!

I’ll post an article with regard to modern practices of baiting soon, exclusive to SFN!


…oooooh…always appreciate non-google ‘expert’ opinion… So…Yes?
Post it please. It might clarify, a little.
I would like an efficient, hygienic and caring way, to best live at peace, with my outside rats. Over population can be problematic, although the cat does her best… The perfect solution would be to be aware of risks that are above ordinary wildlife levels. I don’t want to share my sandwiches with the squirrels either. No human food left anywhere for
pee or teeth or little hands, contamination. But I hate any victimization/ adulation of a particular species, because of its chocolate box appeal or lack of it. I love all the beasts on the planet labelled ugly, maybe a bit of a prob with komodo dragons? But only because they are fed live other animals, as a kind of tourist attraction.

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Small Rats are no problem, the bigger ones cab be a bit of a handful :sunglasses:.

You could throw that on the bbq and feed a family!

It is huge.

Blimey, that’s massive - you sure it isn’t a Coypu?

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That isn’t a rat and I hope you let it go instead of torturing it like that.


Yup, I thought coypu too. I presume it’s dead or you’d be missing a few fingers.

Could be a muskrat. Ragondin above, rat musqué


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Could be…can’t really see teeth or whether it has webbed back feet.

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Face looked more pointed than a ragondin’s.

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Breaks my heart to see any animal as a trophy or being hurt. I think this fellow must be quite dead, the dog looks bored.

Ragondins have those enormous orange tusky teeth…

Why did you kill it?

Ratty land-mine finders.

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Sweetness, lovely pouched rats, great big creatures. People eat them, I mean they are bred for meat :frowning: I think. Certainly cane rats are.

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A huge rat like that, would be a super dog substitute. I know they are as clever, if not more so, than many dogs…I can’t get myself another real dog, even a very ancient ugly one from the chenil, now, (Lili was oldest and ugliest, but she died about a year ago, at 20)… because any dog might live five years, unless sick, and costly to keep, maybe…
How evil it would be, of me, to die, and abandon a very ancient friend. Plus costs are huge, vets fees and chenil fees when I go away. Problem with huge rat? All the dogs in the neighbourhood, are mostly enthusiastic hunters/killers. The main local hunt pack, lives close enough to get them all shrieking in a frenzy if I go out for a pee in the night.
All beautifully behaved, usually, the whole pack will stop and turn on a sixpence, for their master. But if they smell Huge Rat?
Not sure they’d care about the rules.