Small removal


I need to have approx 8 boxes plus 8 items off furniture (nothing big ) brought from Bristol uk to civray 86400

does anyone know of anyone that could do this.

Thank`s Bill

We live in Civray, we get warm day`s throughout, Jan/Feb being the coldest ,but Spring follows.

Hi. I’m close to the point where the Charente, Vienne and Deux Severes departments meet, near Ruffec.

That sounds good....

Are you situated in the Maritime area or more towards Vienne ?

Yes, thanks...

I expect winters to be cold and we need that to kill of pests etc...but hopefully not extemely cold, for too long ? ...and plenty of sunshine ......That area is reputedly mild.....but if you've only been there 2 years, I suppose you can't answer this....

Hi Hilary We Have been here two years. The winters we have had can be cold ,but we came for the season`s. you can look forward to Spring and Summer , because you get them.


Anyone who considered that the Charente winters would be like those in the Côte d’Azur or the Launguedoc can’t have done much research. The sunshine figure is a fact but it’s not Mediterranean sunshine which makes the summers much more comfortable and enjoyable for me. As to being cold, grey, wet and depressing in the winter, that is subjective. I enjoy the Charente winters. There are cold days, there are wet days and there are grey days but there are also many mild days and warm sunny days. Compared to my previous homes in the South West of England and Germany the winters here are certainly not cold, wet or depressing. The climate allows me to enjoy an outdoor life for 12 months of the year.

Ilived in the Charante for a couple of years and found the winters cold grey windy and depressing! Nothing like the Cote D'azur or the Languedoc.

Hi Bill,

Sorry this is off topic, but have just returned from a short trip up to Brantome and into the Poitou Charente area...

I wondered what you thought about the weather in that part of the world.....I know that the Charente is supposed to be 2nd in line after the Cote dAzur, for sunshine .......mild winters too..? How have you found it ?

I would heartily recommend Milen Light Haulage, Mick and Helen are lovely people and have done full and part loads for me,,

    • Chez Milen, Bousselas, 87380 St.Germain-Les-Belles, France. / (Fr)  (Uk) 0871 218 6425 