Smart/iphone or ipad/tablet?

My Orange Nokia phone has less than two months to go of a two year contract. Is it a coincidence that there seems to be a problem with the battery - ie it shows that it is charging but doesn't hold the power. I use it mainly to check emails, social network sites, surf the web and buy from Amazon and ebay. I make very few calls - and really it is there for 'emergency calls'.

I am wondering whether to splash out and buy an ipad or tablet with 3G so I can use it anywhere, and just use an existing cheap old nokia on a PAYG basis for calls. At the moment my contract with Orange is €50 a month, so financially the tablet would pay for itself within a year.

Anyone have any views/advice on the above? Also if I get a tablet, should I buy it from the UK with an address there so it is all in English, or does that lead to disadvantages over here?

You can be a tech bumpy and still get all you need out of the I-pad, IMHO the greatest device known to is the most intuitive of things. I read a story recently (in the Steve Jobs biography) which told of a young boy in Mongolia who lived in a village with no electricity, no devices of any sort, yet when handed an I-pad by a traveller, was sizzling around it in seconds as if he had been used to such things his whole life.
I like the sound of your impulse buying … A very fine sign if I may say so. As for the contract for the 3G, as you have an existing contract with Orange for the Nokia, I would suggest taking it into an Orange shop and negotiate a deal with them for a forfait with a 3G sim and a free hand set if you ever need it. they will most likely do this as they will want to keep you as a customer and you should be able to negotiate a good package with them. I did this with my I-phone 4 and got an I-phone for my wife and one of my children at the same time, all on really good deals.
Please feel free to send me any questions you have about the I-pad, happy to help if you need, but I don’t expect you will.
Just really enjoy that special moment when you open the box for the first time … Oh what a lovely moment that is!
Have fun

think there may have to be a 'technology for numties' group on SFN for people like me!

Well, my phone actually gave up the ghost today - after trying to recharge it all morning it lasted precisely five minutes before it turned off - which is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! Finally I can justify getting an ipad!!!

Not being the patient sort I have one winging its way from the Apple store in France - together with a free engraving which seems to be a special offer at the moment - and now I have to sign up with a 3G user. Any recommendations? They certainly seem to be much cheaper in the UK from what I can see - but obviously I live in France. However, I will be going back and forth with business and social commitments to England so don't want prohibitive 'roaming' charges or whatever the equivalent are. Orange seem to be around the €30 mark monthly. Another question - if I was in England could I turn off the 3G and just use it on wifi to save money?

Stupid question of the day - can you actually use an ipad to phone people? I assume if you have Skype downloaded you could use that?

Hi Jeannie:

You can buy it anywhere in France. If you buy it in an Apple shop they'll switch the interface language for you if you ask them nicely (that is, if by "instructions" you mean the way you interact with the Ipad).

If not, here's the link on how to do it.

And yes, given the way you will use it, definitely an Ipad.

James - where should I get one from? I'd prefer to have the instructions in English (or American!!!)