Smart TV and Sky+

Would I be right in thinking that if I buy a smart TV, I won't be able to connect it to my Sky+ HD box because it will know we're in France.

It would be nice to stream films and things from Netflix/Amazon...but will there be problems there too?

Wendy, AFAIK your Sky + HD will work without a Sky subscription but you won't be able to record programs or watch those requiring a subscription.

We have a Sky DRX595 box and are able to view the free to air programs (BBC1, 2, ITV etc) without issue.

I do know of people who maintain their Sky subscription by various devious means but if you tell Sky that you are in France, they will cancel your subscription.

I believe with regard to Netflix et al, you will need to subscribe to a service which disguises your IP address so you can continue to subscribe to services such as BBC iPlayer.

Why do you need to continue plugging and unplugging you phone line?

Thanks Graham, we are some of those devious people and we pay extra for the sport and films. :-)