Smile - You're in France

Just seen an advert on French TV for the "Journée de la Joie".

Apparently tomorrow is national be happy day (part of the Hollande plan?)

The idea is to force youself into a real smile, all day tomorrow, no matter what tomorrow may hoy at you.

If I don't stubb my toe on my bedside table again this morning, I'm thinking of giving it a go.

How about you?

Happy days!

Same here, I'm amazed that I recognised you too. Let me know when/if the Bergerac group meet up as I don't always pick up on things at SF (

ps I didn't notice anybody smiling more than normal!

Well....I met you...missed your husband entirely...but my other half heard your other half state quite clearly...he hadnt been propositioned by a female....! fabulous...interesting flight we all had...nice to meet you...looking forward to a Bergerac get together soon!

lovely to see you at Bergerac Angela....sorry we didnt have time for a chat...maybe we will have more time for a talk if the Bergerac group meet up soon. xxx

Great news Annie.....big congrats to your family...I will buy you a big drink when we meet up soon!

Nice smile at the end of this advert...

Great. How can having a good grin ever be a bad idea?

Thanks Keith! It seems to be the time for babies the OH has a new grandson too, just 4 months that make 3!!!!!Isnt it fun?

We must make the most of today then, pass the bpttle please!

Yes Annie, it's great isn't it and like you I hope to be the same if I'm around at her age. My grandmother lived until 93 so fingers crossed it runs in the family but there is always the number 8 bus that could mow me down if the red wine doesn't get me first!

I have a mum like that too, at 91 she has bought a computer ands ends emails to everyone every day!!Hope i can be the sme!

Congratulations Keith! My grandson, first one, is now seven months old, but my nephew and his wife had their first baby, a boy, this morning!!!!!

Now you are clearly being Sarkastic!

Oooh too much information! Mine only left three days ago so not too bad. He's wearing an orange shirt (quite typical) say hi if you see him.

that is so kind Angela, thank you for the offer...but him indoors is coming to get me....havent seen him for a look for the old couple having a big pash!

That's wonderful Keith. My mum is 91 and has a lot of contact with my ten grandchildren. My 17 year old granddaughter loves to listen to her great granny's accounts of what it was like when she was young. She's showing every sign of carrying on for a few more years: she still drives, uses a laptop,skypes, has a kindle etc and is interested in everything going on around her. Enjoy the time with your dad and family. exciting...will look out for him.....I am tall, dark haired, specs, dressed in black (mac, trousers and top) multi colour patchwork bag...will be looking out for you both at Bergerac! I am going off line now...checking the departure lounge for a man fitting that description...!


Do you need dropping off anywhere Carol? I must remember to smile to everyone coming through the airport. Nothing like being an ambassador for Monsieur Hollande!

Proxy answer to: "Are you picking your husband up?". Angela to Carol - "Not if you are."

Get outta that ;-)

Yes, I am picking Ian up. He was there early too. He's short, blondie/grey hair but mainly bald with round glasses, probably has navy chinos on and carrying a red/black/grey rucksack. Go on tell me there are loads of men that fit that description! He's probably been munching on a pret a manger sandwich. He may have a navy striped linen jacket on (probably quite crumpled!)