Smiling Hancock announces a generous £150m to cover healthcare

So, not totally clear that S1 scheme to be scrapped as presumably it would carry on if reciprocal arrangements negotiated but a very big warning flag that any UK S1 holders living in the EU need to sort their own healthcare out.

Presumably, for quite a few, this will be the final blow that means they have to return to the UK - I wonder how many will be trapped with a French property that they can’t sell and struggle to make ends meet in the UK.

Even for those who don’t plan to return there will be extra anxiety and uncertainty.

This government is contemptible.

I agree completely. El Pais has a piece about reciprocity today (Google translated).

“Spain demands reciprocity to the United Kingdom in one of the most sensitive aspects of Brexit: the treatment of expatriate citizens. Acting Foreign Minister Josep Borrell has already conveyed the message to the Boris Johnson Government and has warned that, without an equivalent British scheme, the Spanish framework for British residents will decline. More than 86,000 Spaniards have already applied for permanent residence.”

It is an outrage, in my view, as my wife and I (our combined ages in are 159) who decided to settle permanently here in France well before the referendum, and are committed Europeans and retired S1 beneficiaries, look to be betrayed by this smirking popinjay Hancock.

Having called him a smirking popinjay (a phrase I’ve not previously used to describe anyone) I feel momentarily relieved.

My peace of mind is only slightly diminished by the knowledge that he won’t see my post and squirm, but I expect he’s immured to casual abuse like most politicos…:slightly_frowning_face:


the cretins are not for squirming - even when on the end of a pikestaff :smiling_imp:

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