Smoke detectors - new law from 8th March 2015

Is everyone aware of the new law that will come into effect on 8th March 2015 regarding smoke alarms?
I wanted to give you some information in case you weren't aware.

After 8th March it will become the law that every 'logement' is equipped with at least 1 smoke alarm that confirms the the standard NF EN 14604. An amendment has been added to this law to allow delaying the fitting of the alarm until January 2016 if stocks run out. In this case, you must prove that you have ordered one by the 8th March. However, stocks seems to be plentiful at the moment.

So what does it mean for you? Chances are, where you live comes under 3 categories so I'll explain for each:-
Owner - you are responsible for the installation and upkeep of the alarm(s)
Tenant - the owner is responsible for the installation of the alarm(s)and you are responsible for the upkeep of the alarm(s)
Temporary resident in 'holiday accommodation' - the owner is responsible for the installation and the upkeep of the alarm(s)

So what happens if you already have alarms fitted? To comply with the new law, at least one alarm must comply with the required standard.

The next question I'm sure you are asking us what happens if you don't comply with the new law? One thing is for sure, to help save unnecessary deaths in house fires, it would be a perfect world if no one was ever in the position of non compliance. However, legally and insurance wise - it seems that although clear guidelines have been set out to help comply with this new law, the consequences if non compliance are, as yet, not clear.

From an insurance point if view, we have not had any communication regarding non compliance. Possible outcomes could be invalidity of the policy, reduced pay out, higher excess, but at the moment it isn't clear.

From a legal view - possible fines etc

Here is a link to one of the many government announcements

In summary - 8th March 2015 you must have at least 1 smoke detector per household complying with standard NF EN 14604

Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions

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Of course we have smoke alarms conforming to the standard (you cannot legally sell one which doesn't), in the event of a claim how do we prove it?

While I'm here, quechoisir did some tests a couple of weeks ago and found four real duffers


Arev technic - KD-134A
Blyss - NB739B-1
Arcotec - DF0001/KD 108
Elro - RM144C

As someone who has had to jump through all the EN12345etc quality assurance standards hoops it really upsets me when companies can get away with products which don't work properly.

The NF norm means that random product testing is more frequent than CE.

The first post re cert number doesn’t quite match what they are selling in the supermarkets , see picture . This type is prominent in all our stores!

Probably a reaction to the breathalyser fiasco when they were impossible to acquire.

I guess there are 3 power sources for smoke alarms. 'short' life battery, 5/10 year battery & mains power. I also guess that somebody out there is going to inform me that nuclear and gas powered units are are out there as well......!?

We have 'short' life units and change the batteries annually (as well as anything else like remotes) to ensure continuity for guests staying at the property.

That's my tip of the day, don't wait for the batteries to run flat, especially if your'e not in constant residence.


No Mike, he'd be chuffed. He loves it, we joke about how he's all but married to his tronceneuse.

He spends his days doing DIY as he's retired.

Some might take exception to being described as a DIY boyfriend........!

very wise words. There is no company or government body that has been given the task of policing the law at the moment, so any attempt to enter your premises to check is 100% a scam - BEWARE

Oh dear, they don't sound like great tenants :(

The law does state that the tenant is responsible for the upkeep and maintenence of the alarms, but only after the 8th. Maybe they will have a change of heart after? (or maybe not!).

Hi Peter

The English word lodgement with a 'd' does imply to renters however the word 'logement' in France means accomodation, housing, home etc.

The law applies to every household in France whether owned or rented so it will apply to your property.

Many people are just installing one that complies rather than changing all existing alarms so this could be easier for you if you find that all of your existing ones don't comply.

Many thanks


Sorry Paulette.

My wife and I are owner occupiers of our home.

We do not have tenants.

But from time to time, family and friends stay.

The dictionary implies that "lodgements" are public housing, appartments and etc that are used by individuals who rent them and thus not applicable in my case, though as I say we have smoke detectors in place just cos its sensible.

But if the law applies to homes like mine then I will need to check out what we have and replaced them if necessary.



certainly Lynne 05 61 30 18 30 option 2 or email

I would contact your landlord although he probably know and is either a, waiting for the evening of the 7th to come and do it or b, hoping the law will change last minute and he doesn't have to do it!

As a tenant you can purchase the smoke alarms and fit them yourselves, the present the receipt to the landlord. I would absolutely advise that you only do this with the landlords agreement. It would be typical that you buy them and fit them then he refuses to pay because he had 'bought' them already.

Ignore any request form anyone to come and inspect the alarms - there is no company or government body given the task of doing this at the moment so it will be 100% scam

Hi Barbara

by all means contact me at or 05 61 30 18 30 option 2 and I'll do my best to answer your questions :)

yes you can fill in and send them an attestation. Your AXA office will have a copy of the attestation but if you want a blank one just email us and I'll send you one by return email

yes Peter, it applies to all 'logements'

You should be able to buy them in most Bricos. Or online (eg Amazon). It is important that they are fitted to a ceiling, and not in the kitchen. If you can't fit to a ceiling they can be on a wall, but no more than 30cm below the ceiling. On the ceiling outside the kitchen is perfect. And have one on each floor of the house. (OH was in fire protection)

We have smoke alarms already and forgive my ignorance but does this law apply to private homes as well?