Snow in May - anyone?

It turned nippy yesterday… brilliant clear sky over night… and b******** cold this morning…

but, no snow… has anyone got the white stuff ??

No, thank you. They can keep it in the east!

It snowed here yesterday evening but had gone by this morning. 2nd time in 16 years we’ve seen snow early May

Yes, snow on and off all night, and more today. Quite weird having apple blossoms covered in snow. Hasn’t got above 4 or 5 degrees all day and apparently will continue like this until Tuesday.

It happens quite often so people round here mostly wait for the saints des glaces before planting out.

Sounds like a typical Creusois summer there Mark ! :wink:

I thought it was still winter here, summer doesn’t start until July :joy:

Aha, you must be in Creuse sud then, here on the northern borders our summer starts in August :crazy_face:

We’ve got the logs crackling in the fire… homemade leek and potato soup … feels just like winter outside… but we’re cosy… and we are watching Death in Paradise and revelling in the sunshine and blue seas… :hugs:

Yes, we had snow for an hour yesterday evening.
It didn’t settle, but it was very cold.
There were a few patches on the Maconnais this morning but they had gone by this afternoon.
It was 1 degree this morning.

You’re lucky, August is autumn here…:sunglasses:

Not very far from here.

The area is a well used military parachute training ground and is too contaminated with human :poop::poop: to be used at the moment

Yes 5cm on Saturday night we are at 700m