Snow to hit most of France this week

Hi James

I have had a look at our ‘local’ forecast and it’s due here tomorrow evening, Thursday and Friday. I live in department 36 but bordering 23, and the altitude is from 272 m to 467 m in my commune. I live at the higher altitude so am not looking forward to snow as it makes driving here difficult. Hope everyone keeps safe and warm out there !:evergreen_tree:

Woke up to 15cm of snow this morning. Other than spending 40 min clearing the garage, and attempting to drive down to the village before coming back up to the house after seeing that the main road hadn’t been cleared, it has been snowing on and off all day. Tomorrow and Sunday more of the same apparently. This is the Massif Central after all :slight_smile:

It’s here in the Clunysois. Minus 6 at the weekend.