Snowy weather near you?

I had a little bit of snow early this morning!!! It was so beautiful to watch it fall…
What area of france would u say gets the most snow??? Did any of u get enough snow fall to take a few photos???:cloud_with_snow::snowflake::snowman_with_snow:

A sprinkling overnight and a few flakes this morning.
All green now.

Same here Jane, don’t like the white stuff !

It keeps trying to snow here on the Allier /Puy de Dome border

Same here… i hope to get lots this winter! Where i lived before in the mountains of Cali we did! I had a horrible accident during a blizzard when my suv slid on ice and rolled down into a ravine…took the tow truck service 8 hrs to get my suv out! But we all survived thanks to the massiveness of my suv!
Such memories!!

Had about 2cm in all yesterday morning between about 9 and 11h30 , but all melted again by mid-afternoon. Nothing in comparison to the 20cm we had 2 weeks ago for which I am still clearing up the broken tree branches - fortunately, we were away in Scotland at the time !

I got up in the night and couldn’t see out of the attic windows as they were covered in snow. By the time I got up it was clearing and it’s quite bright now. Just about to leave the house and I will be home tomorrow afternoon just in time for Lancashires forecast snow

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I lived in Lancashire for more than 10 years. Was snowed in for several days after high winds coming from the West Peninnes drifted the snow to amazing heights on some of the roads.
Couldn’t use our front door, couldn’t even see the front door for a couple of days !
It’s a lovely area ( or it was 30 odd years ago ) !