So proud to be

Reading some of the - for me - misguided comments on another post here, I wanted to respond.

Instead I decided to stay out of the debate.

But the word "racism" cropped up, which gives me a peg for a video that has gone viral on YouTube.

It's a scene that could probably be played out anywhere. But it wasn't.

Sadly it occurred recently on a Croydon to London tram service in South London.

A woman holding a toddler begins verbally abusing fellow passengers and launches into a racist and xenophobic tirade.

Whether drunk or drugged, this woman's behaviour is shocking, shameful, offensive and inexcusable.

You could probably add dozens of synonyms and then some to the list of adjectives.

Anyway, I'm not going to upload it on to this site - someone else may do that if they so wish.

But here's the link.

Be warned - it contains explicit and offensive language.

British transport police are reportedly investigating the incident.