So sad, young English guy killed by hunter

This happens too often (i.e, that it happens at all is too often)

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100m from his house! I thought you weren’t allowed to hunt within 500m of a village? Ours generally don’t seem to.

Poor man, so sad for his family.

(Happens about 10 times a year…mainly killing hunters themselves)

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Not surprising when you see some of the people involved with organizing and participating the battues etc.

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Unfortunately far too many of them are very intellectually limited trigger-happy tosspots.


This will never stop because the hunting lobby is too powerful.

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To be fair they have made efforts in recent years to improve standards of training. It’s just that there remain the idiots…perhaps if the hunt itself was fined very, very heavily when there was an accident it might make them think harder about letting idiots have a gun - or putting them anywhere that might potentially have another human being within a km.

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How can it be right that a 16 year old can (after passing a petty exam) obtain a gun and be let loose to shoot anything that moves yet isn’t deemed old enough to drive a car?


I was shooting much younger than 16, a necessity during the rabbit plague on a farm in Oz, luckily we were about 5km to our nearest neighbour so pretty safe for others. Sadly a firend of mine shot his his older brother when his gun went off as he was going through a fence. Got him in the arm - he lived thank goodness!

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Same way a person too young to vote or drive can go and be trained up to be cannon fodder.


Except the minimum age for joining the army is not 16. :wink:

You can join the army at 16 in the UK and 17.5 here if your parents agree.

I’m only interested in what happens here Vero so my point stands about the age of having a hunting licence. :wink:

What is known of the circumstances so far…

Always worries my wife, when I’m out chopping wood out the back of our property which borders on woods used for the hunt.

Do you wear a gilet jaune, or fluorescent hat at least? Even our dog has one,…


I’m pleased to see the kids wearing very high-viz jackets as they walk home… and all those using the school bus have to wear high-viz gilets…

cyclists/walkers/runners/whatever… being visible is so important…

from what I read, the hunter saw a “dark mass”… and thought it was the sanglier…
very, very sad… flourescent yellow/orange might well have saved a life…

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No matter what he thought he saw the victim was 100 metres from his house and therefore the hunter broke one of the cardinal rules of the hunt, I hope he gets done for manslaughter.


Wearing hi Viz did not make any difference to the 34year old Brit shot dead while mountain biking by a hunt in 2018.
Shooting at a dark mass does not excuse him, it could have been anything and you make sure first before you shoot you don’t just take pot shots at anything that moves.

34 year old British cyclist shot dead.

Going guilty of manslaughter


If I’m reading it correctly he has been charged with manslaughter. See the link posted by Fleur a few posts up.
I’ve also read, but can’t recall where, that he had a French mother and an Irish father and was French having been born in France. The article above says he was born in Villefranche-de-Rouergue.
Izzy x