So when do the lies stop and the truth begin?

(Bill Morgan) #62

My Dad? :rofl:

(Barbara Deane) #63

Well Dad never had migrane did he!
I had to work with Migrane and alcohol and fresh orange juice triggered an attack.

(Bill Morgan) #64

Suffered for years 'til a bright GP came up with a cure, haven’t had one for 20+yrs now, awful affliction!

(Barbara Deane) #65

what was the cure? I took IMIGRAN I believe it was called.
But standing in a hot kitchen cooking all day and night was torture.
The migranes have gone but I do not drink very often…fear or maybe I do not need it!

(stella wood) #66

Yes, Bill… please can you let us in on your secret… :relaxed: I am not a sufferer, but I have family who are crippled with migraines at times :zipper_mouth_face:

(Bill Morgan) #67

Had them for years, twice a week, tried ‘Everything’, my GP was on hol’ and His locum put me on a low dose course of ‘beta blockers’, within a week or two they stopped, never had one since, a miracle as for as I was concerned, wonderful :grin:

(Mandy Davies) #68

The trick for that Stella is to keep a food and activity diary. Most migraines have specific triggers for each person and everyone is different. For me it was my period and after a stressful event (such as exams). They seem to have largely stopped now for me but if someone is really crippled by them then it’s worth keeping the diary to find the correlation.

(Bill Morgan) #69

Terrible thing, I would wake about 3a.m., know it was coming, if I had things to do, get them done before noon, after that I was’out of it’, with pain, would vomit about 4p.m. them start to feel better, all gone by 7p.m. ish.
But twice a week Tues and Thurs, for years.
The Beta Blockers never made drowsey at all.

(Barbara Deane) #70

Mine lasted for days.

(Bill Morgan) #71

The Doc told me it was stress, no problem while under stress, but after, when you relax and the blood vessels dilate, thats what causes the pain etc, I’m no Doctor, but the progression matched my experiance!

(Bill Morgan) #72

Twice a week, every week! Barbara.

(Barbara Deane) #73

Yes stress…nothing more stressful than working as a chef.

(Mandy Davies) #74

Yep, same for me. Once the stress was over that’s when the migraines would come. Blurred vision, sensitive to light, the worst headache possible and vomiting. Would not wish them on anyone.

(Bill Morgan) #75

Oh, harbourmastering when the fishing boats were landing, could be ‘’‘trying’’’ :thinking:

(Bill Morgan) #76

Nor me Mandy, well there are ‘one or two’ :thinking:

(Barbara Deane) #77

Oh well they have gone!
Thank goodness!

(Mandy Davies) #78

@Barbara_Deane @Bill
I imagine a soldier on the frontline in Afghanistan may disagree :wink:

(Bill Morgan) #79

Touché :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

(Chris Kite) #80

Poor Donald suffers too…


(Bill Morgan) #81

No need to take it out on the rest of The World though :unamused: