So when do the lies stop and the truth begin?

(Chris Kite) #82

Did you ask the live lobsters awaiting dispatch in you’re kitchen…:wink:

(Barbara Deane) #83

If they had a headache? No being a chef sometimes you are not kind.
But I am not proud if it.

(Peter Goble) #84

The lobsters forgive you, Barbara. :shrimp::shrimp::shrimp::shrimp::shrimp:

There is more lobster-rejoicing in lobster-heaven over a cook who repenteth etc etc :slight_smile:

(Peter Goble) #85

Let the lobster amongst ye without sin cast the first ladle at the cook’s head and give her a migraine she’ll never forget etc etc :slight_smile:

(Peter Goble) #86

Perhaps DT is half-human, half-lobster. His colouring and the funny way he waves at the crowd are a give-away.

Somebody put the lobster-kettle to boil, please…:shrimp::slight_smile:

(Barbara Deane) #87

It would be a saucepan…very, very large for a lobster…of course.

(Peter Goble) #88

… and very, very hot I hope. Only joking, no man is an island etc.

(Bill Morgan) #89

I think DT is en route for hot water under It’s own ‘steam’ :+1: :grin:

(Mandy Davies) #90

After probably very little thought, DT decided that this was the most appropriate image to put next to his “condolence” message to the family of John McCain. It appears on his Instagram page. He seems to have no idea what is appropriate in just about every situation. Does he have a personality disorder of some kind?

Oh, and he’s not been invited to the funeral. Presidents Obama and Bush will give eulogies. That speaks volumes.

(Barbara Deane) #91

Mandy that is why I am amazed he is office. He seems to have no heart, no soul; no compassion; no love, no kind thoughts, no expression;no guilt, no respect.

(Elisabeth Morgan) #92

You forgot no brain !

(Mandy Davies) #93

You’re right. He seems to think only about himself. He really is most peculiar.

Another strange thing, if you look at photos or videos with his youngest son Barron it’s like they are strangers. No warmth or feelings between them at all. It’s very odd.

(Véronique Langlands) #94

He is a narcissistic egomaniac sociopath.

(Barbara Deane) #95

Ladies forgive me I missed out so much!

(Bill Morgan) #96

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

(Timothy Cole) #97

I would not want DT to be my son-in-law but tens of millions of Americans voted for him we’ll all just have to ‘suck it up’ for now.

(Peter Goble) #98

You can suck up what you think is my portion, Tim, I ain’t going to suck any part of Trump up.

Be my guest. Enjoy! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Bill Morgan) #99

Me neither, how anyone could even suggest such a disgusting idea, is beyond me, yuk :unamused:

(Barbara Deane) #100

Dear, sweet democracy is that what it is called?

(Timothy Cole) #101

You old gits have got filthy minds.:grinning: