Social life in Saint Brieuc

What is the social life like all year round in the Saint Brieuc area?

You might need to ask a more specific question to get useful replies Elaine.
Saint Brieuc is a big town with all the usual facilities - cinemas, restaurants, bowling, etc - it depends what you’re into. Most of these are open all year.
I live deep in the French countryside about 40 minutes south or Saint Brieuc. Lots of bars, restaurants, tourist attractions, etc, here do have irregular hours especially out of season - the French place a higher value on family and relationships than on business ‘success’ - so finding a favourite place closed for a family outing is not unusual.
There is a pretty big English speaking community throughout Brittany, with its own social networks, clubs, events, etc. There is also a vibrant ‘alternative’ scene - Brittany is like the French Cornwall - so lots going on around celtic music, arts and crafts, environmental activism, etc. Brittany also has more bars than anywhere else in France.
Having said that, most French people’s social life does centre around family and other ‘closed’ networks, blossoming out in pretty regular village events - barbeques, ‘fest-noz’, etc.
It’s nice!

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It’s the same as anywhere, social life is what you make it and that varies enormously from person to person.

Thank you Geof I was thinking more of activities etc. Where I live at present there are lots of activities evenings and weekends for example yoga sessions, art and craft clubs to name a few, Activity based organisations are a good way of meeting like minded people be they French or expat.

this is the link to the Town…

This link give loads of detail about the Associations… something for everyone I would have thought…

Thank you David that’s brilliant.

Sorry , that should have been thank you Stella.

Ha ha… no problem, David is an excellent source of info too… :relaxed:

I don’t think you’ll find any shortage of activity or interest-based clubs/courses/events.
One issue we experience with ‘expat’ activities though is that they are often organised by and oriented towards retired people - so they are often NOT during the evening or weekend (I’m no spring chicken, but do still have children in school, work, etc, commitments).
For example, when I first came to France I found it impossible to regularly attend any of the many French language courses/activities designed precisely to help new immigrants settle in - simply because they were always scheduled during weekdays.

Thank you for the really useful information. I was thinking of evening and weekends . Do the Frenchget involved in activities outside the family?