Social Media Risk

I find this is sad that young children are so dependant on ‘likes’ on their I phones before they feel ‘acceptable’.
These comments say it all :frowning:

“I saw a pretty girl and everything she has I want, my aim is to be like her” - Bridie, 11
“I just edit my photos to make sure I look nice” - Annie, 11

What are your views, do you monitor how often your children are using their 'phones and why ?

It’s just another example of the mad world we live in. My niece was given her first mobile at Christmas and has joined Facebook at the age of nine (with the approval of her parents) despite the minimum age being thirteen.

They should be made to watch Black Mirror, season 3 episode 1, Nosedive. Not quite there yet, but something similar won’t be far away😨


A woman in my Thai Chi class was asked by her son to buy a mobile for the 3 year old grandchild. She refused saying it was far too young, his reply ok we will buy it for her !
Indeed a mad world where the youngster’s sit next to one another and exchange texts !
A schoolteacher I know makes her pupils leave their phones on a table at the start of class (she doesn’t handle the 'phones herself in case there is a problem and she is accused of interfering with them) At the end of class the pupils retreive their 'phones.
I believe that education begins in the home and respect, good manners etc; should begin there. We cannot expect the schools to be resposible for everything in a child’s life!