Social security number

(michele turner) #1

can anyone help?

I am recently separated and living now permanently in france. i have ideas to set up music projects in schools and have the necessary contacts but i don't have a social security number. in uk i was self employed. does anyone know how i get a social security number without a job? i understand that i will then be entitled to medical care etc and i want to be insured in schools and legitimate. hope there's someone out there who's been through the process and can help

(Dan Arnold 2) #2

Hi you have to register online as an auto-entrepreneur and choose a category that fits you best - but this does not limit you to that category only.
You will pay contributions on EVERYTHING you declare - you will find that social security contributions are much higher than income tax. I thinks it works out at about 15 percent of what you declare. I chose to pay four times a year.
The site is here:

It is NOT like being self-employed in the UK.

If you need advice I would see an accountant - I don’t know the system well enough. Or get someone who really understands forms to guide you through the site.

Hope this helps,


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yes please, tell me how you registered and if you have to pay tax?
I have all sorts of different things going on at once so I don’t think i can register in one capacity. I cook for students, I have a b&b and I am hoping to run music projects in schools, so I don’t think being self employed here i would fit into any specific category.
do you know the process? the criteria? and how much you can earn before you pay tax? what is your recommendation?

(Dan Arnold 2) #4

Maybe I can help.

I have my own recording studio, and I am registered as an auto-entrepreneur (as a ‘sound engineer’)


(Liane Edwards) #5

We got ours by going to the CPAM offices which is the place to sign up for your carte vital. I was under my partners at first, but when I went auto-entrepreneur was told that I have a number also. That was news to me, so I went back to my lovely man in the CPAM office, he had a look on his computer, and gave me my number. Hope this helps.