Socialist party primaries - what did you think of the televised debates?

So the talking's over and the first round of voting is scheduled for this Sunday.

Yep, it's the Socialist party primaries, open to anyone - as long as they're French citizens of course - who's on the electoral register, willing to cough up €1 and sign a pledge "recognising the values of the Left" (I assume some will be keeping their fingers crossed when they go to vote).

The last televised debate in the Socialist party primaries (screenshot BFM TV)

Anyone interested in French politics will surely have found the debates an interesting and possibly stimulating exercise; getting to know the six candidates, where they stand, what differentiates them from one another and so on.

What's more, they all managed to behave in a reasonable manner (for politicians) foregoing the backstabbing that was so prevalent in 2007 and appearing, on the surface at least, to be cordial.

Heck even the prime minister, François Fillon, seemed to have been impressed, maybe wishing that the centre-right Union pour un Mouvement Populaire, had someone else to offer (namely himself) other than the incumbent.

Fillon certainly seems to think it's the way forward in future elections.

Anyway, I know most of us here probably can't vote in presidential elections (which is more than a bit of a shame really) but did you watch any/all of the debates? Were you impressed at all? Did you find them interesting or did they simply leave you cold?

And no, I'm not asking you to nail your political colours to the post - just interested, that's all. Because even if we have no say on the political level, what happens in 2012 is likely to have an impact on all our lives.

looks like everything's going to plan for françois but didn't expect montebourg to do so well. who's he going to tell people to back in the next round - must be a lot of dealing going on behind the scenes at the moment ;-)

and what a relief about ségolène!!!

love it and sooo true, I had a soft spot for her until she revealed he true colours in the last campaign - I’m under no illusions now : elle est complètement à l’ouest, à côté de la plaque… fortunately OH is coming round to my way of thinking mais beaucoup trop lentement à mon goût !

à +

A SOFT spot for Ségolène? Good Lord, you were playing with fire, Andrew. Cette nana est très dangereuse and nothing ‘soft’ about her.


Hi Johnny

I had a soft spot for Ségolène but once she lost it on tv in the debate with sarko she lost a lot of support including mine - it seemed to unbalance her and she hasn’t been the same since. as for trying to launch pop star style conferences etc… it was the last thing she needed when people were looking for her to show that she really is serious and not a political airhead - political animal she certainly is but there’s something about her that bothers me (gut feeling that’s all - my OH still has a soft spot for her and wants her to be presidente)

Aubry is an excellent maire but politically I think you’re right, a bit like George W Bush… she’s trying to finish off Daddy’s work!

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Watched the first one which didn’t change my thoughts, didn’t get to see the second but I presume it was more of the same!

Hollande - got to have his chance at long last, especially after his makeover

Aubry - serious but the “stand in” for DSK and can’t really see her as presidente

Royal - still mad as a march hair, god save us if she ever comes to power!

Valls - too aggressive but a serious contender for the future

the two others don’t really score for me although I know Montebourg is a serious contender but he doesn’t quite do it for me and I see him as being outside the heavyweight three, more a sparring alongside Valls.

Time for a change whoever gets in, even though I have more right wing/centrist leanings I really have had enough of le petit Napoléon - power crazed midget full of sound bites and I can’t stand listening to him - his style of speach is so annoying!

no political say… I manage to sway my other half each time :open_mouth: