Socks For Refugees

This campaign was started on 21 October by a lovely lady called Debbie. Our aim is to get those feet dry - shockingly the state of things are that refugees are now starting to suffer from trench foot simply because their feet aren't dry. We are sending out socks both to the front line (700 pairs send to the Greek Islands last week, another 900 this week) and also to more 'settled' camps (we priveledge the socks with messages for these camps as there is more time to read the messages as opposed to the front line where volunteers are changing people to dry clothes in the dark)

There are 3 main ways to help;

Socks with love

send new or clean used pairs of socks - you can add a personal message if you wish. Put your socks in a sealable plastic bag (one pair per sack) and either write in marker on the bag or put a piece of paper in the bag with the size (make sure we can see the size) add your message to the bag if you are putting one in. Squeeze out the air and seal the bag, pop in an envelope and send to;

Le Logis de la Roche

Odd Socks

We all have a pile of odd socks waiting to find their pair - well now you can send to odd sock central aka me where I will pair them with similar socks (even if they are not a perfect matcg design wise they will still help keep feet dry) to send to our volunteers on the ground.

Odd socks should be sent to me at


61 rue de l'église

50660 Quettreville sur sienne


Paypal donations

You can also donate via paypal (you don't have to have a paypal account to do this) by clicking on the paypal donate tab on the website here. We use this money to buy bulk orders of socks to sent directly to volunteers on the ground.

You can follow us on facebook at Socks For Refugees

Great could the photo and so pleased to help somehow. Take care

aw fantastic Diana - not sure if you will be able to see the photo attached .

Taken on Saturday at Grand Sythe (Dunkirk) by Roni, who as well as taking up other donations acted us our sock ambassador. She found someone to translate the note and he was so touched he said he's keep it in his jacket pocket close to his heart.

1000 pairs went to the medical team in Calais and another 1000 pairs handed out between the Jungle and Grande Sythe over the weekend

Got even more socks and posting big box to them tomorrow. Good luck with all your good work

Great so pleased people can help - just awaiting the last lot of socks from a friend weekend and then will be in the post next week. Well done to everyone

We had our first annonymous delivery of odd socks at odd sock central on Friday and Frances at Sock Central tells me she has parcels coming in fast and furious.

Our big news is a fabulous donation from sock shop uk that is being sent directly to our volunteer on the ground in Greece. I shall also be interviewed by the Ouest France newspaper about our project on Wednesday

Have got a load of socks together so will post later this week to the Le Logis de la Roche address. If I get anymore will send later.

many thanks Diana, as Tesco says every little helps. To give you an idea our last shipment of socks to Greece cost less than 40p per pair of socks.

We've been so overwhelmed by the reponse to Socks For Refugees - it's amazing. By the end of the day we should be announcing something HUGE so do keep an eye out on the facebook page

Will get some today and parcel up - have sent donation but cant afford much but if everyone did something it would help. You are wonderful for helping. I have a friend coming backwards and forwards to France from UK (she does this for her work anyway) and each time she is taking food, supplies to the "troops" on the northern ports too.