Soil pipe

We are installing a new bathroom immediately above the original bathroom downstairs. Can the soil pipe be installed on the outside of the property rather than inside? Are there any regulations regarding this please?

Perhaps if it is that visible from outside, and in a place where no pipe existed before, then someone (the Marie ?) might ask questions ?

I also believe you have to 'dog leg' the fall to 'arrest the flow', otherwise in may come back up in the lower pan.

Thanks John for your comments.

Thanks Mark. We are in Pays 85480 so will pop up to the Mairie in our village and check just to make sure.

I have done it down the outside, not too obvious and will paint it same colour as the wall. Was told in areas like ours (near a Chateau) they could get funny but I won't tell them it isn't the old fosse vent pipe that was right near where the new pipe is and that was there for years and was passed by the inspector before we went to mains drainage.

Hi Lynn,

We did exactly the same thing about 15 years ago, the soil pipe was run down the outside by the plumber, no issues.

Not sure if these things vary by department but we are 17600 FYI.