Solar Heating - replacement tank

We have solar heating for the hot water (installed by previous owner) now the tank has sprung a small leak. I can't find out how much a replacement tank would be - on UK websites they seem to go between £900 - £1300 - but I can't seem to find a price in France or where you can buy them. Can anyone help? I am in 34.

Thank you - think I'll get one then just to be on the safe side.

Interesting question in a way. We have but almost never put the heater on, it either runs from the solar or wood stove. I think we could count the number of times we have used it over three years on one hand. However, there is never too much potential for heating water. The more options the better and like us it does not mean you have to use them.

Just received an excellent quote from Swansolar. One last query - they are asking me if I want an optional immersion heater (electric) fitted. I don't know if this is worth it - we have a gas boiler with a summer setting and a winter setting (heating). I am also unsure whether the existing tank has one. Sorry to be such a dunce but everyone has been so helpful I am certain I will once again get some excellent advice. Thanks

Just received an excellent quote from Swansolar. Just one more query they are quoting for an optional immersion heater and I am not sure if this is worth it. We have a gas boiler for heating etc in the winter and more to the point I'm not sure if our old system had one either. Sorry to be such a dunce but you've all been so helpful I'm sure someone has an answer. Thanks

Difference is I can call in when I go to market a village beyond them. Good news anyway, Michael is good at what he does and nobody who has used him moans at all...

Just received a reply - it appears my e-mails went into spam. Now just have to send them

photo's ...perhaps they have forgotten about you (although unlikely if you're waiting for a

bill ... odd)

Thanks for all your advice.

Just wondering myself. I have a bill for a repair outstanding and nobody waits that long, hope nobody is ill.

That's very kind of you. I haven't received a response to my emails (2) yet.

Hope they received them - used link on their website so fingers crossed.

I'll 'accidentally' send them a friendly message and a belated thanks for our recent repair and just happen to mention you.

I have looked up and contacted Swansolar and waiting for their reply.

Thanks for all your advice everyone.

Well then take it from me Patricia - a recommendation from Brian is not to be ignored!!

That's why I reco'd Michael Swan. His set up work all over France and really do not give duff advice. The idea is, if they do good work then word goes before them and they get more.

I think we all get caught at least once !

Will do - I always carefully check people out before following advice or indeed

employing them for the job. Been caught out once before and I try not to make the

same mistake twice. Thanks for the heads-up though

Hi Patricia

Just a quick thought - do make sure you take advice from a professional. People often mean well with offers to help but unqualified advice can be downright dangerous and expensive. If you have any queries re suggestions being made, do feel free to PM James as he will be able to tell you whether it sounds kosher or not.

Bonne courage!


Hi Andrew,

I have sent a friend request so that I can send all the details. The leak is actually

coming from the pipe leading from the tank rather than the tank itself (it has a

temporary fix on it at the moment). Look forward to hearing from you.


Thank you I will get my plumber to have a look and see what he needs.

Thank you both for your help. (I am rather hoping it is repairable as the leak is

coming from a pipe going into the tank rather than the tank itself)

This is where I get my accumulators tanks etc...

They have a vast range and deliver all across Europe...

Thank you. I will do that now.