Solar panels

What is the legal situation about selling off hundreds of agricultural acres for solar panels in Le Gers. Its already begun I know but I am terrified that I will wake up one morning and find my beautiful view marred by an army of these things.

I think this is just the start…you need to keep a grip on what’s being planned locally so you can object if you’re not happy. They don’t bother me at all, neither do wind turbines but I can appreciate that if someone’s bought for the rural location and ‘natural’ views it can’t be much fun. at least there’ll be far fewer flies than with cattle, sheep or poultry!

thank you so much andrew its just that neighbours of mine instead of having this wonderful view of land and trees and wild life now look over the most horrendous array of panels which gleam in the sunlight … i suppose its now energy saving over beauty wildlife and countryside. shame.

try this link for the bigger picture:

They have to get planning permission like anyone else, depends on your commune’s view of green energy - it’s the way forward so I think we’re going to see more and more of them. Just ask at your mairie. they often don’t sell the land either - the farmer rents it to the company or goes into parnership. My brother-in-law covered the entire south facing roof of his new barn with then (80m x 20m) and was the biggest barn project in the aveyron for a time and it makes him descent money, or will do once the investment’s paid off. there’sa lot of pressure in areas where land is at a premium - where I am in the aveyron and in the cantal, families falling out over it etc - but I don’t think the pression foncière is so great in the gers meaning there’s less hassle implanting them. oh and any agricultural land actually sold off has to go through the safer and other agriculteurs can buy over the top of someone who’s already agreed to buy - that’s france!