Solar powered barbecue

My daughter had her best friend over to stay last night. While we were chatting she mentioned her parents having a solar powered barbecue. OH and I looked at each other and as soon as we had a moment both of us went on line to look them up. Neither of us had ever heard of that before.

What we found is a parabolic thing that is available for between €250 and €450. We know that the couple who have it are real alternative lifestyle people who budget everything tightly. So the price made us think.

I just did the school run this afternoon and was able to ask the mother about it; where they got it and how much? It appears that a friend made it for them using an old satellite dish, something that sounds to me like a strong/thick aluminium foil over the surface, an old photographic tripod and an iron cooking pot mounted on it. It cost less than €20 because all but the aluminium and a few screws was recycled. She says it works well, it only cooks small amounts at a time but then it is on all day when needed if the sun is out. No fuel of any kind other than the sun for free.

Does anybody have one? Has anybody else made one? I'll have a look at their one next time I am there but if anybody has a 'design' it seems like there are probably plenty of us on here who might just be interested.

Very interesting. Thanks for the links Julian. Now for some fun gathering the materials. Being a competitive money saver (well, Scots blood an' a') I want to see if I can do it cheaper than our friends' one cost.