Solicitor and accountant needed

Im living in the UK but have a house in France which I plan to sell. I need 2 things, a solicitor who can handle the sale of the house and to initiate this process and I also need an accountant to handle my financial issues relating to that house. Please get in touch, thank you

I think what you need is a notaire.
Notaires do both these things.
However, it may be better to wait a while as making contact and getting things moving may be difficult right now. Selling a house involves getting surveys done which cannot be done during lockdown.


Thank you for your input, yes this is what I need. House sale won’t be right away I just want to plan in advance

I need an accountant as a priority

I don’t think accountants are normally involved in private property sales, so it’s a bit confusing why ypu need one. Are there business interests involved?

The accountant is needed for a different purpose, no there is no business involved it’s all personal

I am slightly confused… since you said it was in relation to the house… and that would surely mean the Notaire.

However, leaving the house aside, if you simply need an accountant… I would suggest you try Googling “expert-comptable” and see what comes up.

Thanks for your help