Solicitor in Vendee

Hi, I am in need of an French & English-speaking solicitor for my property purchase in the Vendee. Can you recommend?

According to Complete France,
" It is also worth noting that there are some things that a notaire is not obliged to tell you about, which an independent solicitor could cover – for example, while the notaire must inform you of anything that would directly affect the property, they won’t necessarily tell you about any local developments that would indirectly affect you. And, of course, there is no guarantee that your notaire will be able to speak English, so if your French is not that fluent, this is another reason why you may wish to seek independent legal advice. Always choose a bilingual solicitor … ideally you should involve them at the initial contract stage so they can advise on the wording of the compromis de vente."

Many thanks

suggest ALWAYS going to La Mairie to ask about any future developments etc, or any “hidden” specificities about your future property