Something bad software in the computer

Hi, I'm not sure whether my desktop is infected with Great Find. A message from my AVG said it scanned a malware and has deleted it. I made a search and read some posts about 'how to remove ads by Great Find'. I took some steps in this post to remove an add-on from Chrome browser. I doubt will it come back again to cause chaos?

Hi, Steve, thank you for your suggest! But ads seem gone now. I should get one ad block tool possibably. I'll think about it.

Yeah, Valerie Skinner, thanks for your response! I only took some steps like opening browser extension and removing unfamiliar (to me) add-on. I'll check your guide then.

Some viruses and malware are quite clever in hiding from scanning programs so it may come back You could use Adwcleaner from here ( ) to run a separate scan.

Hi Jennipher, I've not checked your link in case it downloads something dodgy onto my work computer (yes, I'm paranoid) so I'm not sure what you've tried already but to double check that it has in fact been deleted you could follow these steps as well. Once it's gone in theory it shouldn't come back unless you find it attached to any other programme you download. I hate these hijackers - they could ultimately make a person insane. Good luck with it.