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(Sarah Bird) #1
La Maison des Chameaux is an animal and activity park based on the border of the Gers and the Hautes Pyrenees.
We're a park with a difference!

Daily we have a programme of events, which are occasionally subject to change - however, typically follow the same format

12h00 - park is open to the public, with plenty of space to eat your picnic amongst the camels, llama and Alpaca

14h00 Demonstration with the sheep - learn all about clicker training and how we go about training animals - watch our agility sheep in action and have a go at training them yourself!.

14h30 - Goat agility - it's not just for goats... have a go yourself

15h00 - it's Carlas time to show her stuff! We've trained her to be a sniffer pig... and to sniff out Oregano ( only don't tell the kids) we ask her a series of questions... and... a lot of the time she gets them right! See for yourself!

15h30 - It's feeding time at the park when everyone gets a chance to feed the animals, we have a selection of icecreams and drinks to feed the humans too!

16h00 It's camelid time... watch Brewster Bob ring his bell, take the Alpaca and llama for a walk and get to watch the training in action

16h30 What do we do with all that wool... well camel wool is hypoallergenic - and so it only makes sense to spin it and use it... you'll see a variety of wools being spun, watch a demonstration, and of course... participate with our drop spindles... then we make bracelets with the kids so there's always a souvenir to take home... your own camel hair bracelet!!

17h00 Everyone has a story - and our camels are no exception - meet the camels close up, learn about their history and their huge personalities, find out all about the endangered Wild Bactrian camel, and how the camel has adapted to live in the desert... there's fun for everyone

17h30 As the heat goes out of the day - take a camel ride in the park, or if you have kids aged 5 and under - meet the baby animals... ( this is seasonal, but typically includes lambs, chicks, ducklings, goats, piglets and rabbits) depending on which animals have been born recently!!

We also have a wealth of information up on our boards, in French and English, interactive games for the kids, tractors to ride on and cabanas in our woods...

If you're looking for something different come along. For those with families staying we also give presentations in English!

For more information - visit or

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I’ve been - and it’s great!