Something new to me at Control Technique

Took a car for its’ first Control technique this morning. The first stage here is normally the pipe up the exhaust. But no, the guy connected his gizmo to the OBD port on the car and from the cars diagnostic was able to check mileage, pollution, operation of all the lights horn etc. Then the rest of the test was as normal. The other car I take with an OBD port is never checked this way. Guess the onboard computer is not so sofisticated. Yes the car passed.

Yes OBD1 may the force be with you :joy:


If the other car has an ODB port, I suspect that you’ve just not seen the scanner being used before.

They check for an error codes and whether any codes are registered again during the test. Any lives codes for pollution control, braking, traction control etc. are going to win you a major defect and a CT fail.

The other car is 26years old and it was pipe up up the exhaust and the other checks done manually.

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I wish the last medico I had examine my exhaust port had the same small hands my CT inspector has…


I very much doubt a 26-year-old car would have an OBD port.

eaxactly :slightly_smiling_face:

Well I can very much assure you this one has and I have the reader to repair the car myself. But it does not say in English the fault but gives a Code which you have to find on the list. The car is a Volvo 2.3 turbo estate.

Volvo and Saab were ahead of the game with regards to ODB connectivity.

They even encoded it in English, if memory serves, as they don’t expect anyone apart from Swedes and Western Finns to speak Swedish.

Our car just failed CT by having different manufacturer (and model?) tyres on same axle - I didn’t know this was an issue as car just passed MOT in UK.

It’s very much a thing here - tyres must match on the same axle.

It is not a big issue as I was about to replace all 4. At the same time getting the alloy wheels refurbed - which is proving more expensive than I thought at 120€ per wheel.