Sometimes I am embarrassed to be British

Several European countries have accepted large numbers of Ukrainian refugees (Poland over a million). U.K. immigration are insisting a few hundred of them at Calais have to go to Paris or Brussels first to get approved. Presumably Priti Shiti is exercising her usual.


Only “sometimes”?


The following is an extract from an article published in the Indian express dated 28 July 2019:
"The family was a victim of the expulsion of Ugandan Asian minorities that was ordered by Idi Amin, the former President of Uganda, in 1970s, her relatives said.

“It was in the 1950s that my father and Priti’s grandfather moved to Uganda. They ran a convenience store there. We were all born in Kampala (the capital of Uganda) and grew up there until the Amin regime expelled us,” Kiran Patel, Priti’s father’s cousin, a resident of Vidyanagar and vice-president of Charusat Kelvani Mandal said.

“While Priti’s grandfather Kantibhai thought it was best to move to United Kingdom, my father decided to come back to India. Priti was born in Britain,” he added.

Their families were farmers until they moved to Uganda, Kiran, who is now a British national, said. “Sushil’s family was very well settled in Tarapur as farmers and also in Uganda, where they ran their store. After moving to the UK, they took up jobs in that country. The British government helped all migrants a lot,” he said."

In my view, Patel is an evil sub-human.

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The situation relating to the admission of Ukrainien refugees to the UK is indeed totally unacceptable.
So the question then becomes one of what are we Brits going to do about it ?
May I suggest that we all start writing letters (politely) to our government Ministers, Prime Minister, Head of State, and anyone else of influence we can think of, in an effort to have this appalling situation changed immediately.
Surely we can all afford a couple of stamps, and half an hour of our time, in order to help these traumatised people who have somehow managed to come all the way to Calais.

I am pretty certain that they will take no notice of us. They never did and they never will but sadly it shows how the land lies and selfishness dominates British leadership and is the voice of Brexit.


Of course ‘sometimes’, my attitude to being British is not just related to the political direction of the current U.K. government (nor a certain section of English football supporters)!


As a proud Englishman I’m able to separate the amazing support the UK public have given to the people of Ukraine from the abysmal failure of it’s government to match this support by allowing fleeing refugees easy entry into the country.


Individually, no.

Collectively though and they might start to get the message - especially if your MP is a backbencher in a marginal constituency or one which only recently turned Blue. They are very twitched about the prospect of being out of a job come 2024

I wrote to my MP on Tuesday to express just how disgraceful the current situation is, no point complaining they never listen if you don’t tell them, after all (but pretty safe Tory seat so, …)

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Can I remind you that I live in France

I know Barbara, and I agree that your MP is even less likely to listen in that case and probably not at all if you have been in France > 15 years and no longer even have a vote.

I was making a general comment in response to your point.

Maybe a collective memo from Survive France with lots of signatures

This may make some kind of statement.

Many British people in UK do not welcome people to their country

Except for vacation periods thus bringing revenue.

You may well be correct Barbara, but we have to try.
Like you I live in France (15yrs +), but I’m still English, so I still have a British Head of State, Heir Apparent, and a First Lord of the Treasury who is not shy about spending my UK tax money. So I reckon that I’m entitled to my say just as much as if I lived in the UK.

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I agree but none of them listien…

further reason to be embarrassed… the lies just continue…

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"The 3 young members of staff appear to be on a break now but there’s pieces of paper with telephone numbers and download addresses.
As of yesterday evening Ukrainians who managed to find this “office” were invariably sent back to Paris to apply."

Yes, the Lords voted No on the National Insurance increase. As the Lords did, also voting No on the suspension for this year of the triple lock for pension increases.

Unfortunately on any vote about Finance, the Lords vote is allowed to be ignored by the Commons. So the party in what they wanted even though the wiser older more permanent heads in the House of Lords refused.

Worse, the National Insurance increase was actually brought to the public as being about fixing the enormous gap in provision of social care. As it’s been enacted, it’s for “the NHS and social care”, and apparently the NHS gets to keep practically all of it for the first 2 or 3 years and for at least that time the care sector, whose workers and employers are.hit by the increase immediately, as is everyone, won’t see a penny of it.

The Government have still not fully explained where exactly the last National Insurance increase went - apparently that was for the NHS too.

It is all just tax - it all gets, paid to exa tly the same account at HMRC.

Is there a reason why you’ve linked me to this Fleur?

This is totally disgusting and I have written to my MP. Britain is being shown up b y the rest of Europe, I wonder if this has anything to do with Brexit and we have to be shown to be different from them.
Well, we sure are that, totally inhumane.