Sonic boom 19May21?

I’m in the South of 86 near L’Isle Jourdain and at 12:45 heard a very loud double-boom. Did anyone else hear it?

We had one yesterday (47) and a couple about a week ago. Rattled doors and windows. Mont de Marsan training the Indian air force maybe? They’ve just sold them some fighter jets. (India planning on bombing COVID out of existence?)

That’s a possibility - we’re both close (at supersonic speeds!) to the Cognac air base which is one of the meeting training establishments. But here in Vienne we usually have PC21s and Alpha Jets rather than the supersonic Rafales. Also, I’ve never heard a sonic boom here before…

We’re near the French army’s artillery headquarters. We often hear big guns practicing miles and miles away up on the military terrain between here and the Gorges de Verdon. It’s a big area, about 350 km2. Though some shells these days have a 50 KM range, so it’s needed.

:astonished: They would certainly go ‘boom’!

Just had another boom - dogs now barking! I thought there was a limit on the number they could do???

And another one!!!

Could someone please remind me how to bring up the map of member’s whereabouts.
I can’t remember where all these departments are.

Go to the menu at the top the Users Map

Thanks Mat. Is it possible to go directly from a poster’s icon to their location?

I don’t think so.

Unless you mean actually going to their exact location - in that case wait a few years I am sure someone will invent some form of teleporter!

I wouldn’t notice a sonic boom over the steady bangs of the propane crow/pigeon scarers around me.

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I think you would Guy!

We had two more yesterday evening while I was on a zoom call to friends spread throughout Lot et Garonne. I heard it first and reacted and it was amusing to watch as the boom moved across the department from people’s startled exclamations.

This in today’s Petit Bleu:

Depuis le début de cette semaine, des avions de chasse sont présents dans les airs en marge de l’exercice Atlantic Trident 21 qui réunit les forces françaises, britanniques et américaines du côté de la base aérienne de Mont-de-Marsan dans les Landes. Au cours de leurs différents exercices, ces bolides sillonnent aussi l’espace aérien de notre département. (Lot et Garonne) "

Since the beginning of this week, fighter planes have been in the air on the edge of the Atlantic Trident 21 exercise which brings together French, British and American forces near the Mont-de-Marsan air base in the Landes. During their various exercises, these “fireballs” also crisscross the airspace of our department. (Lot and Garonne) "

It looks as if the one over the Vienne had strayed from the main grouping. French,British or American, I wonder…

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Sounds like one massive jolly for the fly boys.

That must be why I’ve not seen/heard the thing I think is a Black Mirage,for a couple of weeks nearly now. Even my cat looks up when that goes over

It’s probably joining the fun over at your place.