Sorry Nina

I’d like to apologise for an outburst from me, towards an newcomer Nina, I got the wrong impression of what was being said. No excuses.
There’s no room for that or me, on this site.


There’s surely room for someone who is prepared to apologize … and learn… :thinking:

Many folk let rip… but not all are big enough to say sorry…


these are stressful times… all round… deep breathing helps.


There’s plenty of room for those who are prepared to admit their mistakes, I’ve made enough of 'em! And let’s not forget that there are always 2 or more ways of interpreting what’s been written and that we often get the wrong one and it’s only after the event that we see what the other person meant.
Stella’s already hit the nail on the head so I won’t go on but no reason to leave the site, Boilerman :wink:

I agree. I hope both you and Nina continue posting.

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She might not see this unless she is tagged. @BrightSpark
Izzy x


@boilerman If it was that terrible, @cat would have been on your case by now so I don’t think you need worry too much just now :wink:

Good stuff @boilerman hopefully @BrightSpark will forgive you :slight_smile:


Pfff mistakes happen, sticks are always offering their wrong ends to be grabbed…