Sorties 2019

(stella wood) #1

Interesting part of France…

(stella wood) #2

and here’s some more…

If you have info about events… please do share it with us

(stella wood) #3

Well worth a visit… starting April…

(Jane Williamson) #4

I can’t get Jim to go into Cluny, unless it is to the supermarket.

(stella wood) #5

11/12/13 January

(stella wood) #6

18/19/20 January

19th January only

23 - 27 January

(Warren Joiner) #7

Happening in my neck of the woods or should I say my neck of the Morvan National Park.

(Warren Joiner) #8

(Warren Joiner) #9

This is really worth a visit, great day out for all the family.

(David Martin) #10

It is. I bought the Secrets of the Castle DVD, the TV series when Ruth Goodman and other archaeologists were involved in the early days of the project five or six years ago. I visited the site in 2016 and plan to go again in a few years time.