Soulac sur Mer - blast from the past

We love visiting Soulac… and next time… we’ll be trying to locate some of these old buildings… I reckon one or two do still exist.

I found a site online with about 150 old postcards of my nearest town. Later in the year I’m going to try to take a few photographs of the same views today.


There were shots taken of our village in 1930’s and I managed to buy some soon after we arrived… at a local vide grenier. One or two included our house.

The fun started when I was showing these… and someone recognized… “that small child… that’s Mme XXX”… and then having Mme XXX squeal with delight and start regaling me with memories of our house and her childhood.

In those early days… we had many folk nearing 100 and thus they were “living historians” … :slight_smile:


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Hi, I recently did a little research into my name. Saint Veronica died and was buried at Soulac sur Mer.