Spa Day get together for girls in Pau

I’m looking to arrange a get together in Pau with a spa session, for a couple of hours, and a picnic afterwards. There is no fixed date yet although I think a week day would be better.

If you are interested please post and then we’ll try and organise a convienient date.

It was great meeting you too!
I’m not sure that Catharine and Clare arent still there trying to find there way out!!
If you ever want to meet up for coffee we could always meet up in Navarrenx which I reckon is about half way between you and me. Or friday morning for market in Oloron.
Lou x


Had a great time yesterday and was lovely to meet you all.

Apologies Catherine I got engrossed in shoes at Emmaus and looked round and couldn’t see you :frowning:

Shame we all got separated at Emmaus but just to say I had a great time and looking forward to getting together again!


This is the restaurant that has been booked for tomorrow at 1pm. Its close to Calicea and it has been recommended although I have never been - so hope its ok!!
Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

No pool and steam session sounds good to me! I have both your numbers so will meet you there. Look forward to it.

I’m just doing the pool session. But dont let me hold you back on your first day out!!!

Just pool and steam - well I am anyway!

Are you all booking treatments or just doing the 2 hour pool and steam session etc?

I’ll PM you both my mobile number

Sounds great, i want to pop to H&M first so will be at spa in plenty of time.

Yes i think you are right, especially if a trip to Emmaus is required!!! My friend Steph who is also coming knows a good restaurant with a reasonable meal of the day so she is going to make a booking for us.

Ok! Here’s a link to directions and the Caliceo site.

I think if we are going to restaurant after, we should maybe go a little earlier to be out by 1pm so in just before 11am so meet at 10.45? Yes?

Then we could go to Emmaus afterwards :slight_smile:

Ok so i’ve made an executive decision!!! I think it would be nicer to find a restaurant as if rainy obviously much nicer and as Natalie says if its nice we can enjoy a glass or 2 on a terrace somewhere.

We’re aiming to be in the spa for 11.30. I’m going to get Catharine to explain where it is as i’ve never been there!!!

Think weather looks not too bad for next Thurs, however would be nice to sit outside a bar/restaurant with a cold glass of Jurancon!!

Where is the spa by the way? Are we still meeting at 11.30?

My preference would be for a picnic, preferably on a river bank with all you gorgeous girls.

Whats the general concensus about picnic or restaurant??
I’m just a little concerned that the weather looks really unsettled next week!!!

Excellent look forward to meeting you.

I can make it! Hubby will leave work early to collect the kids so I have my first full free day since arriving in France last summer!

Looking at the long weather forecast I wonder whether we should opt for a restaurant lunch rather than a picnic???