Spam or really the Ministére du Travail?

I’ve had 3 calls now with messages left saying that they are calling from the Ministére du Travail regarding my ‘situation actuel’. They actually leave a message and keep telling me they have sent an official email (which they havne’t). I’m really suspicious - CAF and PE and URSAFF all know what I’m doing so this seems dodgy to me!!! Has anyone else had this???

Do they mention you by name… ???

You could check that your email address is correct, at CAF, PE, URSAFF… just to be sure.

I’ve had a few alarming sms’s… the latest about a week ago… something about work and my rights… and giving a deadline, as I’m in danger of losing my rights to “whatever…”
… but as they never mention me by name I’ve simply ignored them.

Certainly never tapped/followed the link.

Have you been addressed by name in the messages ???
Are they asking you to “tap/link” in some way??

At one point, I was getting a few calls… but, here again, I was uneasy… and when I asked them to name the person they wished to pass the message to… silence…

there are so many scams about, it’s difficult to sort the good calls/sms from the bad…
this is just one example…


Sounds like the CPF scam calls:

Yes, I’ve had those, as has a 82 year old French neighbour.

I occidentally answered them and it seemed they were genuine, it was a pole emploi / ministre du travail thing as I’d signed off with pole emploi. At least the calls have stopped now I answered them!

Doesn’t explain why I am getting such calls (including from the emploi) …

I’ve never been signed On or Off anything in France… never worked here… so it’s rather odd…

Just had yet another call on my mobile… at least the chap took the trouble to explain that he needed to speak to Madame XXXXX Stella and when I asked him why… he said he had to contact everyone who worked in the secteur…

When I replied that I had never ever worked in France, nor ever sought work in France… he said a mumbled sort of “OOh Errr” and rang off.

Scam scam scam, don’t pay any attention!
Argh just seen this is ancient and can’t delete it :worried:

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Frankie Howerd?

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These calls and sms are still coming through… but I just delete

Formation scam again. My sister tells insurance cold callers she has no arms and legs, they don’t ring again.

I’ve told the Training folk that I’m 96 years old and have asked them to take me off the list… but nope…