Spanish Lessons

(John Harlow) #1

We live in the Tournon d'Agenais area and are searching for Spanish lessons (difficult!!) Anyone out there know of anyone giving them?

Having just finished watching Rick Steins latest culinary adventures (in Spain) and struck dumb by his lack of just conversational Spanish, plus our growing hunger for moving there one day,(ignoring the media propaganda about everything to do with the euro zone).

(Wendy Wise) #2

Hi John,

I found two possibilities on this site, if you click “Contacter la sélection” you’ll see a form to complete which e mails both ladies and apparently gives you their phone numbers plus a confirmatory e mail. There is no charge for this information, it’s a free site. I’d really like to know if they reply and how you get on. Bear in mind they may be away on holiday though.

Good luck!


(Wendy Wise) #3

No problem John, I suspect their ratesare so high because people can claim 50% back against tax! Will see if there’s anything else though…nil desperandum…

(John Harlow) #4

Hi Wendy,Yes we phoned too.They onl do 1 to 1 or in our case 1 to 2. Plus they are far too expensive 50€/hr.
Thanks for being so helpfull .

(Wendy Wise) #5

Hi John,

I just phoned the lang school and evenings would be possible, depending on the time, so you could give them a ring. If that won’t do, I’ll carry on looking.

(Wendy Wise) #6

Have you asked them about times, I’m sure they must have plenty of people like you who aren’t free on weekdays?

(John Harlow) #7

that’s a good piece of research and for the right person/s I’m sure would be perfect. However,we both work,full time.(I’m a tree surgeon/gardener) so it needs to be less rigid in terms of class times and also preferably evenings or a Saturday. Maybe I’m asking too much !?

(Wendy Wise) #8

Hi John,

I’ve just spoken to a very nice lady at this language school in Villeneuve sur Lot. She says you need to arrange an appointment to go along for a chat (they speak English). Their tel no is 05 53 40 14 07 they teach Spanish and a number of other languages. Let me know if it’s not suitable and I’ll have another bash! I’m hoping they might take out an ad on my website :slight_smile:

(Wendy Wise) #9

OK John, I’ll see what I can find and get back to you!

(John Harlow) #10

I’m afraid it’s beginners,we (Kate,my partner) I think would prefer it in a group. We’ve got a smattering ,as Kate’s daughter has spent a year in Spain(Valencia),and she can now speake it fluently(ahhh the young brain!!! so we get bits of conversation from her and also we have listened to Michel Thomas’s language tapes.

(Wendy Wise) #11

I just need to know what level you are…beginner, intermediate, advanced and whether you have any preference as to teaching method eg one to one, group lessons or disatnce learning via Skype. Or you could do a weeklong residential course…

(John Harlow) #12

yes please Wendy

(Wendy Wise) #13

I have a free, no obligation search service. Would you like me to have a look for you?