Spare Land, Central Brittany?

Hi All,
I am new to the forum and finding the conversations very interesting. Nice to meet you all. Hope you are all managing the potential change that Brexit brings.
I am a freelance house sitter, property maintenance etc as well as being a writer and an author. My background is farmm caretaking and garden work in the UK until I was injured, and I have to keep the heavy work part time these days
I am based in Brittany, and I am looking for some spare land that the owner can’t look after.
I know a lot of people buy houses and find that they can’t look after all the ground that goes with it. I am just looking for a patch to garden and grow vegetables and spend time with. Maybe to keep some chickens as well.
I am in the area between Rostrenen and Pontivy.
I would be happy to hear any ideas.

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Hi Annajayne and welcome to the forum

I hope someone chimes in soon. We have many similar set-ups in my commune, where someone cannot cope with their land and they let another borrow it for a while. However, folk are a bit wary of allowing foreigners (foreign to them)… as even the best of arrangements can go wrong… :wink: :upside_down_face:

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Thanks. That is helpful to know. I am well referenced and years of experience in caretaking, security and landbased work, which I hope will help, especially if my work will make things look better and possibly provide some produce for the land owner as well. It’s worth an ask :slightly_smiling_face:

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I saw a posting from a lady in this area who was wondering about doing a similar thing, sharing her land. It was on another facebook page so I’m trying to find it for you.

Thanks Gill, that is very helpful and kind of you.

She would like a way of making contact, email or FB?
Her name is Maggie incidentally and she lives in your preferred area.

I don’t do FB any more, I used to get spammed with games requests and I am a writer, FB had to go or I would never get any writing done.
Is Maggie on here? If not, is there a safe way to transmit an email address?

I suggest that personal details/info is shared by Private Message and not in full view on the forum…

simply click on the person’s name and then click on Message in the box which will appear…


Thank you, I think I have sent a private message…

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Hi Annajayne, I live near Cléguérec, we have a large vegetable garden which we are sadly not really able to look after now, we’re both in our 70s with physical health problems which make heavy work almost impossible. We’re ideally looking for someone to use our veg plots to grow their own produce, maintain the plots, help with the fruit bushes etc and in return let us have a little produce. If you can reply to my email address ( I can then email you some photos of what the garden/field looked like a couple of years ago. The grass has been regularly cut each summer and paths etc weeded, but nothing of note grown. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Maggie Blower

Hi Gill, seems I’ve found the lady in question! I’ve emailed her so hopefully we will make contact. Thanks for your help. Maggie

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Hi Gill and Maggie.
Sorry, the internet has been down for several hours. I will email Maggie asap.

Hi Anna, if Huelgoat isn’t too far out your way I have plenty of spare land but shall require clearing, I’ve recently cleared an area for my veg, orchard & chickens so have all the tools you’ll need.

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Hi Mark sorry for my delay in reply, I have had a bug and no internet. I think you willbe too far from me as I am normally Pontivy/Rostrenen area. Its a pity as I am working at Scrignac/chateauneuf due Faou this month. Thank you so much for the offer.

No problem, hope you find a nice little plot, offers open if you find yourself more Huelgoat way.

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