Special bank account for autoentrepeneurs

Seeing as there has now to be a separate bank account for the autopreneur activity, rather than paying Banque Pop another load of fees for doing practically nothing, I was wondering about opening it in La Poste. All I want to do is pay cheques in really.

It looks to me like 4€20 a year for existing, free internet and free internet transfers to the personal account.

Have I got that right?

How long do I have to wait for cheques to clear (I don't doubt the customers), can I pay in one day and then transfer to my personal account the next?

La Poste are pretty rubbish in MHO, doing transfers to another bank account out with la Poste is a performance, involving visits and forms! Cheques very slow to clear.

I have found La Poste to be really slow for paying in cheques - one took up to three weeks to clear!

Yes, the same with mine. I called my online account manager and he set it up. It was there an hour after I called, perhaps earlier since I did not look straight away.

Steve, the separate bank account doesn't have to be a business account. As you probably have a bank account in France, you can ask your bank to open a separate checking account without a credit card, and that should cost you nothing.

For example, in my case, I will just need a normal account without a checkbook or a credit/debit card in my bank (Société Générale) and get paid for my AE services into it, then by going online I can transfer whenever I want my credit balance from it to my regular household account.

Get that confirmed by your bank.


Dear Kate and John,

This is probably a stupid question but does this 'checking' account have a specific French name? I only ask to try to save myself time when I visit my bank (CMB) to try to set up a separate account for my Autoentrepreneur income. I am guessing they will try to get me to pay for the privilege. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks