Special relationship, Master and Poodle 🤭

John, I get the impression that you’ve never owned a poodle -

maybe that’s why your illustration looks nothing like one …:wink:


You are correct Mark. Though I’m watching a mini one having a hip replacement as I type (Super Vet I think). Maybe it’s the bouffant hairstyles that make me think they are so at odds with the bulldog spirit of yore.

What is actually at stake in America if the Republicans under Trump become president

Never a greater reason to support France’s Laïcité!


Based on personal experience, I’d suggest that poodles are super obedient, but only until you get tired of playing ball with them

(and of course if any French person has the temerity to cycle or row past the house).

Or row to, in a small boat :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I was interested in the “take back control triumph” revealed today whereby the UK needs EU approval to continue the Enterprise Investment Scheme which has generated £23B for start-up and emerging businesses over the last thirty years (BBC interview with Joanna Jensen this morning).

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From the outside it’s difficult to understand (at least for me) how and why commercially ideology has triumphed over the pragmatic ‘business friendly’ Conservatives.