Specialist ESTATE AGENT business for sale

I realise that estate agents are regarded as a species rather lower than bankers in the great scheme of things here on SFN … but here is your chance to do better than those wretched agents … and have a go yourself!

What I am selling is a simple, self-contained, independent agency based here in South-West France which could be run from almost anywhere. It’s an internet operation without a ‘vitrine’ or shop-window anywhere: it is run from home.

It’s a specialist agency dedicated to the sale of gite complexes, B&Bs, châteaux and other tourist-related businesses. There are no other French agencies specialised in this field.

Of course, there are conditions. Not everyone can qualify for a “carte d’agent immobilier” which the gérant of the company (an SARL) must hold. Either one has a law degree from an European University or has worked in the trade for a number of years. A good level of French is imperative and a working knowledge of English, Dutch or German is more than useful.

No price has been fixed for the moment … nor the ‘handover terms’ (most likely incorporating a training period of a couple of months working alongside of me, visiting the properties, taking photos, manipulating the drone, upkeep of the websites and dealing with clients.) It is the company which is for sale: buyers will acquire the totality of the shares of the SARL.

I am now 73 and slowing down a bit: I’d like to find a successor by the end of 2022.

That a shame, I had bookmarked you for when the time comes to sell our gîte!

Happy retirement and hope you find a buyer.