Specialist estate agent?

We are thinking of selling our (probably) unique property in north Perpignan. It started life about a hundred years ago as a doll factory.

The ground floor is a large space (c100 sqm) opening onto a walled garden with three dependances. The previous owner used it as an artist's studio. It has acoustic insulation and double glazing -- so could also be suitable for music/dance/yoga, etc.

Upstairs is a self-contained apartment (four rooms, large kitchen/diner, spacious bathroom) tiled throughout (except bathroom) with original calatan carrelage.

Ten minutes from the airport and the A9, the property would appeal particularly to artists or musicians...

... which is why I believe we need a specialist agent who could market it not only in Europe, but also further afield.

Can any of you recommend such a person?

Thanks in advance.

PS: photos available.

If it is stunning inside and out why not try choosing an agent who

specialises in belles demeures in your region.....check out 'belles demeures'

on line and choose some agents.

Sounds really interesting.

Thanks Barbara. I would say our demeure was more interessante than belle, at the moment -- but with great potential... :-)

could I see a photo or 2....I am sure that it would be of interest to others on here.

What is the asking price and is it on a road?

Thanks for your interest, Barbara. Here's a link to photos on FB: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10153963492962956.1073741876.780047955&type=1&l=cb56abc44b

The property is on a road leading off the main road from Perpi to the airport and A9. Not sure of valuation, yet, but expect it to be in the region of €200 000+

Could this be your first client Barbara - You were exploring possibilies in Paris recently with other immobilier's - Wish you well with this new project - perhaps post Brexit you may get some interesting business and quality homes to sell.

I am not an immobilier but love character properites and wanted to .....or thought of doing ' on location re location with agents. But it is possibly too different.

The project idea is too different....not the property.

It was an idea to create a holiday with education tagged on and to provide

an insite to living a life style ie gardener, how to create a good chambre d 'hote, children's

art classes, how to retire with new hobbies. The agents would benefit from providing prospective

re location homes but they would have to be in tune with the client.

So it would be an agent and venue association.

We have enjoyed a good season with guests from all walks of life

and many of them are in love with this region of France.....and would like to

live here. We are still busy with the last clients arring from China early Sept.

But I am always interested in a challenge and I am sure that there will be many more

before Brexit!