Speed Cameras

I have heard that France is to deploy hundreds of new speed cameras this year, many of them very sneaky versions, hidden in the crash barriers or moulded in to the doors of Police cars. Also due to be adopted is a far less tolerant view of speeders.

Now don't get me wrong, speeding is an offence & excess speed needs to be punished but I cannot feel that the new strategy is, well, unfair!

I don't know about other drivers but nowadays I tend to stick to the posted speed limits but spend most of my time looking where I am going as this seems to be a safe way to proceed, with occasional glimpses at my speedometer to make sure my speed is appropriate. With the growth in the number of cameras & the tendancy to prosecute for a couple of kms over the limit I can see that most drivers will spend more time watching their speedos than looking where they are going. It does not take much for the modern car to gently go from 89 to 93 kph without the driver noticing especially when the instument we are given to tell us our speed is a cheap, often inaccurate & poorly graduated item, compared to the expensive, calibrated scientific insrument the forces of law have!

To try to comply with the law can only lead to more accidents, not less, unless a reasonable margin of error is allowed. I think we will see a backlash against automated speed enforcement & it will come from the mainly law abiding. Watch this space!