Speedsters from across the Channel

Anyone on the forum involved in this… ??? :thinking:

I was thinking about it, but my Ferrari is being valetted at the moment :sunglasses::joy:


Honestly, I had to smile… if it were a few years ago… I would probably know some of them… :crazy_face:

No problem, you can use your Porsche or inexpensive Mustang instead. It reminds me of an old Joe Walsh song “:notes: My Maserati does 185, I lost my licence, so now I don’t drive…:notes:”.

Speaking of Ford Mustangs…


Oh, my little Honda 50
She’s rapid and she’s nifty
She’ll get you away from the guarda any day
Oh, my little Honda 50
She’s rapid and she’s nifty
She’ll do a hundred and fifty on a windy day

Two Brits driving their Ferraris down the A75 on their way to the Spanish F1 GP a couple of weeks ago were clocked at more than 240 kph. They no longer have a driving licence and were lucky someone else in the car could take over the driving.

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As they were probably bankers, traders or accountants :grinning::joy::partying_face: