Sponsors wanted - Pro Elite Eventing Championships!

Dear All,

Having had a pleasing start to the season with our homebred 4* eventer By Crikey (William) we have changed our aims for the early season and we think he has a fighting chance at the Pro Elite Eventing Championships in two weeks at Pompadour. We have put together a unique sponsorship/"owner for a show" package for this that would be either a great present, a way to get a fabulous insight into the sport at the highest level for a group of friends, or as a shop-window for a business. The catch? The closing date is Monday 8/4 at midnight so we need to move fast! If you are interested do read more on the page I have created and feel free to call me (+33 (0)6 75059938) for more information or check out my SFN page.

Many thanks!


Have done Peter, thanks for the interest!

Drop me a line with details of what this involves please - sales@allez-francais.com

We may be interested .... Peter