Spot on flea treatment for cats

Or follow in Walter Mitty’s footsteps. His life changes from thread to thread, it’s only his outspoken dislike of the EU that remains the same.

The EU was a good idea but has long since past it’s sell by date.

Well as you are a ‘resident’ of Andorra surely it doesn’t really matter to you one way or the other !


Of course it matters, the UK and Ireland should get out.

I would never buy a flea chemical or a mole poison (or rat poison) from eBay…

In uk I once lived close to a farm…their crop spraying caused many seizures in dogs in the local vicinity and secondary poisoning to dogs cats and birds due to their frankly illegal rat control…

It’s just not worth the risk to a cat’s/dog’s immune system to be a) using a monthly spot on twice a month against even the advice of the package insert…and b) bringing in and using a product from another country that may not have passed france’s regulatory requirements…

I hope your cat is ok but I would always choose a natural approach first for mine…


Vets in my area of U.K. (Sussex) don’t recommend Frontline anymore as local fleas are immune.
Best to check with your local Vet what they recommend.

The Ukrainian stuff I sell is brilliant, I can do a discount for you lot as well.

If it’s Ukrainian made super strength stuff, it’s likely to be overly toxic to cats and dogs (it’s toxic enough at normal doses). If fleas have become resistant to it, then just upping the dose probably won’t bring about the desired effect, but will increase the side effects.

Does it have EU approval?

Will we get a straight answer?

Yes it is approved and it works