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Copy your prefered music to a memory stick. Play from that using laptop?
There are definitely music playing facilities on a laptop that will not loop the music on the memory stick.

I pay for Spotify. The cost is the same (to get almost any music from the world) as 1 CD per month. How much does music mean to me? More than that!

I get to own the CD :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@David_Spardo - I don’t know if this would help but BBC Sounds (in its iPhone/Android app) enables you to select a programme, podcast or BBC-curated playlist and set a sleep timer - between 5 minutes and 4 hours. Full instructions are here.

Bon chance!

You are right of course, I have loads of CD’s, many of them bought as a result of sampling music on Spotify. I must listen to 40 or 50 different artists every week.
There is something special about having an LP or to a lesser extent, a CD.

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Yes had thought of that but it would mean using that old laptop which is slow and difficult to use and, when I tried it last week it wouldn’t play a CD at all. No idea why but at the same time the CD player wouldn’t play others that it does now. Technology messes with my head, it’s all a plot but I haven’t discovered from where yet. :rage:

@_Brian I am going to try your suggestion via that link shortly but again it would mean the laptop, also I was going round in circles with getting any sense out of Sounds on the Android, which is where I really need to play anything.

@GraemeL again. Just remembered that at least one of the radio/CD Players that I nearly bought on Amazon had a usb socket, so maybe ressurrect that idea again?

For the moment I have swept about half an inch of dust from the old CD box and produced some surprising results, Classical, Blues and Country, which I don’t remember ever having. So I will be trying those over the next few days on the Player-in-the-Drawer. :wink: :grinning:

David - the BBC Sounds app on Android should be straightforward. if you’re based anywhere near 86500 I’ll happily pop over and see if I can help.

That’s really kind, Brian, but I reckon you are at least 2 hours away from me here in the Dordogne. Perhaps if I give it a try and if I have problems you could try and advise at a distance. :smiley:

2 hours is a bit off track for me, but If I’m ever visiting the Dordogne I’ll let you know!

Yes, I thought that might be the case, just got Sounds on the Android at the moment but it tells me I can’t get the sleep-timer thing, won’t play any music either but that is normal, I usually have to search around to get it to work. OK on a computer screen but on that little touchscreen keyboard, no chance.

It only works if you install the Android app - the website version does not have the sleep timer. Apologies if you already have the app. If you do then it may be (as suggested elsethread) related to the version of Android or app you have installed. I have an old Archos Android tablet that is stuck on Android v5 (I think) and won’t cooperate with the BBC sounds app.

Probably the same for me I have had my Android a long time. Never mind, I will continue with the current player and consider a new one with a USB port to use a memory stick with.

Edit: Well after 3 nights of not sleeping well even with the low level music I am beginning to lose faith in Michael Mosely, still doing the 30 minute siestas in the afternoon though but trouble is I don’t want to get up again when the alarm goes. No Archers on Fridays and Saturday so I might as well go back to the Kindle, reading always makes me feel drowsy.

But I had one last go at Spotify type solutions this afternoon and had a ‘chat’ with Deezer helpline. Within a few minutes they came up with ‘you can only switch off autoplay on a desktop, not on anything else’. So that’s that. Tried 2 nights without music and I found I can’t find a comfortable position for my legs any more, simply can’t remember how I used to do it. :astonished:

So, if I am going to be sleepless I might as well occupy my mind with the written page, er, screen. Just need to make sure that the tablet is in a position to avoid damage as my grip on reality inevitably loosens. :rofl:

Well here we are again, 9 months later, and I have a brand new Roberts internet radio. The wrestling with the technicalities of that are ongoing and related in its own thread but, having got the thing to play several radio stations and the fact that it has a sleep timer :joy:, I thought I’d go back to Spotify.

At first it didn’t recognise me, I did cancel the trial 9 months ago, and then it did and even showed my playlist but because I live in France it wants to talk to me all the time in Frenc h, which is ok but I have enough trouble with technology in English as it is so would prefer that. Couldn’t find how to do it anywhere and even the ‘community’ chatroom is full of people getting nowhere in trying to avoid French, Dutch, German, Spanish, you name it.

So having 2nd thoughts of trying Deezer which I didn’t sign up to before. Anybody on that? Any good? Or is there something else now?

And when is Spotify going to notice that I have never paid them a penny and block my access altogether? :thinking:

It’s possible to have free spotify with ads.

Ah, maybe that’s it @SuePJ, I’ll try getting it on the Roberts, and see how long it lasts, if at all.

No good at all @SuePJ , when I highlight it says I can only use the remote control of smart, computer etc. etc. in fact anything but the Roberts remote. :roll_eyes:

I’m not that bothered to be honest I have presets 1 to 5 set for Musique, BBC radios 2, 3, 4, and World. That’ll do me, and now that I fortunately am rich enough have a 2 euro piece in my wallet the battery is securely locked in the back of the remote I’ll be happy with that. :joy:

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Have you tried Radio 4 extra? They play some wonderful stuff from the archives - humour / drama / documentaries.

No I haven’t, always managed to get much of what I wanted from R4 itself, perhaps one for during the day via the telly than to go to sleep with at night. Background is all I want then.

OH has his Robert’s for the same. He can sleep through anything - I have been amused on occasions to hear him laughing in his sleep at something on R4X - probably Sorry I haven’t a Clue! :grin:

Does anyone stream these stations via the internet saves buying another box.

Depends what you mean. During the day OH has his PC connected to BBC Sounds. I will sometimes play Spotify on my PC - I have a play list that’s now about 28 hours long!

At Christmas when I’m decorating the lounge I’ll put our Smart TV on and play Christmas stuff off YouTube or Spotify.

So yes, we’re streaming stuff via the internet. Is that what you meant?

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Do all the usual services work like globals smooth etc?