Spotify now

I stream almost all radio via the internet using a Sonos setup that is primarily for the TV - Soundbar and two speakers.
I have also connected my saved music (copied from CD’s) to the Sonos via a NAS where it resides.
Tunein is used for most of the stations on Sonos - its available as an app as I also have it in my car. It’s free (or premium if you want extra options)

Global is via their own app (added to the Sonos)


Yes I use the Global app on my phone to listen to LBC, although only occasionally nowadays as I pay less and less attention to what’s happening in the UK.

Like @PeterJ I also have Sonos speakers and I can listen to LBC via that happily too.

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Good to know as it will reflect on what kit I will bring over for entertainment.

I also have planet radio for Scala and the absolute stations

I like to use , I have the app installed on pc , it is a map of the world with green dots representing online radio stations, click on one and play.


That is brilliant, never heard of it before, just clicked on a local station and listening to lively music while reading here.
I’m thinking it could be useful for finding stations which I could preset on the internet radio. :smiley:

I like to listen to radio stations from all over the world having travelled
extensively it brings back a few happy memories in my old age, I am listening to a radio channel now broadcast from Kingston Jamaica. I also like the smaller uk radio channels like hospital radio etc less politics broadcast. :radio: :radio:

I have used Radio Garden for a while now, and it’s excellent although mostly for Absolute Radio, I like to try stations around me as well.

I found Classic FM London on it, which helped me to preset on my new internet radio because there are a lot of Classic FMs throughout the world, ready for tonight, but I have it on in the background on the PC too.
Next up I’ll be heading as far as can be to 2UE Sydney which will bring back memories of long night shifts in the taxi cab. :joy: