Spread the word....... Wonder Woman runs Cardiff Half marathon for Cancer Charity

Good Morning everyone!

I am posting this request to all Survive France members in the hope that you can help me publicise my fundraising for Beating Bowel Cancer. On 14th October I will be running the Cardiff Half marathon dressed as wonderwoman in memory of my best friend, Lisa, who died this year.

I have built a website to raise awareness of the signs of bowel cancer and also to promote the various fundraising schemes of Lisa's closest friends. Please have a look: www.signsofbowelcancer.com

There is a link on the website to my fundraisng page (VirginMoney Giving) as well as more information about Lisa's legacy.

I also have a facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/hayley.bayley.5)with a video on it about Lisa and what she meant to me - please take a few minutes to watch it and share it with all your facebook contacts.

With your help I can reach a much wider audience and improve the website ranking - help me make a difference, in memory of my smiley girl.


Hayley Gilks