Spring feels like it is here!

missed out on yesterday’s walk, but managed one this morning.

Brimstones dancing in the sunshine… at first there was just the one… then we saw groups of them… absolutely wonderful.

Catkins everywhere… of course… and trees are showing signs of new life.

Also lots of small flowers primroses, violets etc etc in the hedgerows and the gorse is covered with blooms.
The predominant colour is yellow… perhaps to attract the starving insects…

My tiny patch of weed/lawn is covered in white daisies, just to be different.

My evergreen clematis still has some flowers (yellow) but mostly covered in seedheads now, which will be tasty for the birds.

Roses are showing leaf buds and some have flower buds as well (doubt those will open though, been too chilled)

I’m confident that spring, if not actually sprung, is gathering itself for a great leap forward… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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That is so encouraging, isn’t it? I was feeling very down yesterday so my partner dragged me out on a tour of the garden and there were lots of things coming up. The main thing I noticed though was the birdsong - it was everywhere and absolutely wonderful :smiley:

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forgot to mention the buzzards that were playing in the skies when we set off… but, other then those, we didn’t see much birdlife… heard the crows make a row though…

best sound/noise was the rushing of the water… down the ditches and finally into the stream at the bottom of the valley… wonderful.

Yep, escaped from the shop for a quick blast on the bike yesterday afteroon; hour and a half and 50km “cuissard court” :smiley: stuck at work today but tomorrow’s looking hopefull for a couple of hours… (better than last Sunday morning’s club training ride: 2°C and biting wind :open_mouth: wasn’t in shorts then! :rofl: )

Andrew we are due 18c and sun this weekend so hopefully you can get some good riding in, I imagine that is about near perfect temp! I always feel sorry for you flocks of bikealists in 40c weather!!

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25° is pretty much perfect, 30° still no problem, above 35° you need to up hydration levels loads… was out in 46° last summer and that was the only time I’ve ever had to stop and stick my head in cold water to avoid heat stroke. People are affected differently, even amongst the pros there are those who have no problems and others who suffer/it knocks the edge of performance. I was out with a mate in the 46° ride, he turned back half way round our training loop. It also depends on what you’re used to . I ride all year round so there’s never a shoke to the system and you build up to riding in 40+° you just need to drink gallons! :smiley:

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I’ve just spotted my first north bound grues of the year. South east corner of the Vienne (86)


Glorious day, I just gave the grass the first cut of the year.

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It’s glorious when we can spot them…

On occasion, I’ve stopped the car (safely) and simply stared…
Last time that happened, there was someone in a garden, at the roadside. We both stood and gazed in wonder… then, once they’d gone, we gave each other a quick wave (acknowledging like-minded souls) … and … back to the matter in hand… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Can I ask that folk leave dandelions alone (if they possibly can) … the flowers are a really good source for insects out and about a bit early in the year…

I remember that request last year, from a Nature Site of some sort… and it felt good to see hundreds of dandelions running amok on our side patch.
This year, we’ve not got any… yet… but, watch this space… :wink:

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Bit early for them here but of course they may be a lot earlier in your neck of the woods…

Put the shorts back on today :slightly_smiling_face:

We had our first Grue today, it promptly got chased as it landed in our pond and I like my fish to stay where they are thank you very much.
There were 7-8 of them in the bigger lakes further downstream.

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Son also in shorts today! Still a bit nippy for me, I’ll see how I’m going over the weekend!

Just had a cuppa, washing on the line, I’ve swept part of the terrace and now I’m going to wash the BBQ which has gone a bit mouldy looking!

Drop by mine any time you like… there’s lots to do here and you’ve obviously got loads of energy to spare… :hugs: :rofl: :rofl:

(the sunshine really does help, doesn’t it)

Soooo not the case!!!

Majorly! Just loving it!!! :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

Did a three hour walk this morning in the hills of the Cantal, came back to the Lot Valley and did lots of pruning - this evening facial skin felt a bit tight so applied lashings of moisturiser and welcomed the start of my summer tan - byebye paleface!

Around 5pm today… there were clouds of midges… :roll_eyes: :unamused:

Hmmm… less welcome… :smiley:

Today, I am going to sow some seeds - not in the ground yet but my partner has made a coldframe with optional heating mat (relic from home brewing in the 1970s) so I’m hoping to get a decent start on things this year…