Spring has Sprung... Today

(stella wood) #1

… and that beautiful full moon last night… has ushered in a glorious day…

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(anon82447983) #2

I wish I had a video of what I saw/ heard today. There was a huge barn full of cows up the road from us where they had been kept all winter.

Today they were all let out in the field at the bottom of our garden. They were running around and the calves were frolicking. They were so happy!


(carl tunnicliffe) #3

Cracking view Marijke!! :+1::+1:

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(anon82447983) #4

Thanks Carl! We are lucky.


(stella wood) #5

some years back I and a friend were lucky enough to be walking past just a neighbour’s barn… we stood and watched the calves running out and literally throwing their feet up in the air… almost bending double backwards as they did so… glorious sight…:hugs:

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(Jane Williamson) #6

Our neighbour’s cows, Charollais , will be out soon.
The grass has started growing, but because of the drought last year it is a bit behind this year.
Where are you Marijke.
We have fabulous views too, it was why we bought the house.